Gift Wrapping Service

Buying a gift for family, friends or co-worker? Maybe for yourself? No matter the occasion. We can make sure your order is beautifully wrapped. Your gift will be neatly presented in exquisite wrapping paper and mailed with your personal note.

Save You Time

We know having purchased meaningful gifts for the people on your list can take up a lot of time, but now it’s time to make them look beautiful which can take up even more of your time. TekChoice gift wrapping service can make all the difference! Let us help so you can focus on what you do best.

Gift wrapping fees include occasion-appropriate wrapping paper, ribbon or bow, and sometimes a gift tag.

One Time Fee

$10 per gift wrap - Our gift wrapping service only covers items that are of certain sizes. So anything that's desktop size and smaller. Anything bigger, unfortunately we cannot wrap. Please keep that in mind before checking the gift wrap box. 

We can wrap one gift or hundreds! Please Note: Large orders over 20 gifts will be priced per hour.  Call us with the details of your custom order and we will provide a quote within 48 hours.  Please allow at least 4 days for a large job to be completed.