Free 15 days returns

If you want to return a product, just let us know within 15 days of delivery and we’ll tell you how to get it back to us for free.

Returns made easy

Not happy with your new product? No worries. We’ll give you a full refund including delivery costs if it’s unused. If it’s used, you can still get up to 50% of the item cost refunded. We can even do exchanges for most products if it’s not quite what you were hoping for. See below for more info on exchanges.

You can drop off your order at one your nearest postal locations. 

Click here for more info on returning a bundle, used or faulty products

You can drop it off...

Your local postal service lets you return smaller items to TekChoice. 

We’ll email you a label when you register your return. Just print it out and attach it to your product. Don't have a printer? Don’t worry. We’ll send you a QR code instead. You don’t need to print it out, it just needs to be scanned when you drop off your item.

Once everything has been packed up, labelled, and dropped off, you’ll receive your refund within 14 days. Simple.

If you’re returning a faulty product, give us a call or email us so we can give you an authorization number. If your product is faulty, we’ll find a solution that suits you.


There are some TV & entertainment, computing, smart tek, gardening and video games products that we can’t exchange. Head on to our live chat to find out if your products can be exchanged. If not, you can still return these products for a full refund and order a replacement product.

What We Think You Should Know

Our 15 days cancellation policy

Any services you’ve chosen will automatically be cancelled when your order is cancelled, unless the service has already taken place.

If you’ve used the product

It’s fine if the product has been unpacked, but if it’s been used or installed, we can only give you a partial refund. This can be up to 50% of the product’s cost. If it’s used, then 14th day refund rules will apply.

Faulty products

Think your product’s faulty? Head over to My Account where you’ll find the manufacturer’s contact info along with your serial number and invoice. They’ll be able to advise on your next steps.

We’re also happy to help if you get in contact with us on live chat.

No matter who you contact, make sure you give as much detail about the fault as possible, so we can work out if you need an engineer.

If you’re returning a gardening product

If you’re returning a gardening product with blades like a chainsaw or hedge trimmer, it’ll need to be boxed up before it’s returned to us. If you’ve used your item and it came with batteries, make sure you’ve removed them before you send it back to us.


If you want to return a bundle, all the items must be sent back to get a full refund. If the bundle isn’t complete, you’ll only be offered a partial refund.

Cancellation and refund terms

Click here to view our full terms and conditions, including all the info on cancellations and refunds.