TekChoice Care (Extended Protection Plan)

We know how important it is that your product(s) are always working smoothly. That is why we offer TekChoice Care. It's a handy insurance policy that covers your product(s) from accidental damage and breakdowns. We want to keep your mind at peace when you order from us.

What you get with TekChoice Care

When you take out a policy, you’ll get quite a few benefits.

  1. Immediate cover for accidental damage

  2. Breakdown protection after your manufacturer guarantee ends

  3. Unlimited call-outs with no surprise repair costs

  4. Access to a network of approved engineers to help repair your appliance

  5. A replacement appliance if yours can’t be fixed

Call us at (616) 294-0103 to learn more about TekChoice Care.

How do I get TekChoice Care?

TekChoice Care is available to qualifying products, All you have to do is select TekChoice Care when ordering a product and that's it, your product will be covered up to 6 years. You can call us or email us, at any time after 15 days from your purchase. You can also contact us when your manufacturer’s guarantee is a month away from expiring or ask our friendly team about any other permitted times you can take out TekChoice Care.

How does TekChoice Care work?

TekChoice Care is really simple. Make a one time payment for the complete duration of TekChoice Care, for example TekChoice Care Lite cost $50 for 1 year. That's all you would need to pay. It gives your product complete protection for one year.

If you need to, you can cancel within 14 days of ordering TekChoice Care and you’ll get a full refund of any payment you’ve made - unless you’ve already received a replacement or fixed product. Unfortunately, we can’t offer you a refund. Do to the fact that we've held up our end of the policy by fixing or replacing your product(s).

For all the terms & conditions of TekChoice Care, click here.

Manufacturer Warranties

Buying from TekChoice, you get the full manufacturer's warranty since you are purchasing from an authorized dealer. All products can be serviced under the manufacturer's warranty at authorized repair center in the US. All authorized dealers receive the proper training/information on all current products to help the customer make an educated decision on the equipment being purchased.

Just A Few Steps To Help 

Check your manual or packaging.

Check your product manual or original packaging, warranties are usually included.

Search online.

Use an internet search engine to look up the manufacturer and model number of your product.

Manufacturer warranties are typically good for one year, although the length of time depends on the individual warranty.

For more information please give us a call (616-294-0103) or email us.